DIY- TARDIS Trinket Box

Hi! Since today the first episode of season 9 Doctor Who is playing (it airs in about an hour!!), I decided to show you a tutorial for something a made a bit ago. It is a trinket box made to look like a peice of the TARDIS that the 11th Doctor finds from the crack in the wall.

First, I painted a paper mache box a TARDIS blue.

I used a Martha Stewart paint called "Wild Blueberry".

Then I printed out the little sign that's on the door. I used a screenshot from the episode to see where I needed to trim it, although I did a bit more since it's supposed to be rectangle, but my box is square. I also used the same blue paint (but you could use black) to dry brush on the edge and middle. I don't know how to explain it, but look up how to do it on YouTube if you don't know how. :)

I glued the "sign" on the lid with Mod-Podge and sealed it with another layer on top. 
And it's complete!

I think it turned out SO COOL!
And I'm also SO EXCITED for season 9 to start, I can't put it into words! Ahhh!

I even painted my nails TARDIS blue and I'm making fish fingers and custard. :)
Hope you enjoyed!

Until next time-
Lady Claire 


My Decorated School Supplies

So today I started school...not too fun. But this year I decided to make it more enjoyable by decorating my school supplies and making them look really cool. And that's what I'm going to show you today!

First up is my binder...it's plain white (basically because I was late to go shopping and they didn't have much selection), but I printed out a Harry Potter edit to slide in the front.

See? It's cool. :)

Next are some folders, and this one is pretty boring.

My next one is blue and has a picture of the 11th Doctor on it.

Here is a purple one with a Fall Out Boy edit/thing, you know.

And another blue one, this time with Clara Oswald on it.

A black one with Dark Swan from Once Upon A Time.

And lastly, a Hufflepuff folder (because I'm a Hufflepuff obviously).

Next I have some notebooks, and this one is just a picture of Emma Swan and lots of Once Upon A Time quotes on it.

This is the same, but just Doctor Who themed.

And this is Harry Potter themed.

For the last notebook, I covered part of it in paper and glued on a picture from the 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who, one of my favorite episodes.

And lastly is my pencil case, which seems a bit weird, but I think it's quite cute.

And that's it! If you started school today too, I hope it was okay and that you have a good year!
Until next time-
Lady Claire


August Recap // Curently

Hi! Today is the day when I give you a recap of August because today is...*realization finally dawns on poor Claire* THE FIRST DAY OF SEPTEMBER WHAT ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
Anyway, it is, in fact, September now so I will just show you what I did in August while I remember all the happy memories of summer...*cries some more*

Reading- I finished The Heir by Kiera Cass (book review coming soon) and am now re-reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Watching- Season 8 of Doctor Who came out of Netflix (!!!), so I'm watching that.

 I also started watching Girl Meets World again and it's actually quite cute and funny!

Buying- Not much exciting stuff...just back to school clothes and supplies (and a boatload of Hot Topic shirts).

Social media- Well I got a GoodReads...maybe should of mentioned that in my last post, but oh well! You can see my account HERE.
I also found a new YouTuber I quite like, Atipfactory. She is from Sweden and I love her style and her videos, and I don't know, I just really love her channel!

Listening- A discovered an amazing artist! Her name is Gabrielle Aplin and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists.

Loving- Disney, Hot Topic, new clothes, and new music.

Other things I did throughout the month- took loads of photos, went on vacation, went to two amusement parks, and that's about it!

I hope you had a wonderful August!

Until next time, 
Lady Claire