My Birthday Gifts

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago was my birthday, so today I'm going to show you all what I received! This is in no way meant to brag, just a friendly show and tell if you will. ;)
And to all the people in Paris and around the world- stay safe and be strong. <3

My amazing friends gave me The Amazing Book is Not on Fire by Dan and Phil!! I was so not expecting it and it was so nice of them.

Next I received this magazine/book that I was eyeing at Michael's a while back. It's so lovely, with gorgeous photos and poems and inspirational stories...quite like this blog.


I also got SprinkleofGlitter's book, Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter.

It is filled with tons of advice and crafts and other lovely things!

This was the book I was wanting the most- Color Me Creative by Kristina Webb! I've been more into drawing lately and Kristina is such a big inspiration, so I was so excited for her book to come out. In it she tells her life story and then there are 50 creative art challenges for you to complete. I'm loving it so far!

You can also download an app, scan certain pages, and more fun extras come up! That just adds to the awesomeness.

For some reason I forgot to take a photo of this, but it is the TodHunter Moon book two, SandRider! I'm really excited to read it.
(Yes I got a lot of books, don't judge haha)

I got an Amazon gift card, so I spent it on some nice new colored pencils. They're amazing!

And finally, I got a new laptop!! My old one was already used by my dad and I'm surprised it even lasted 1 1/2 years with me. But, it has basically just turned dead, so I really wanted a new one. And my new one is what I'm typing on right now!

And of course this is my background...;)

So that is what I received for my birthday!
What have you gotten for your birthday or what is on your wishlist?

Until next time!
-Lady Claire


  1. Ahhh these are all such fantastic gifts!!! :D It looks like you had an amazing birthday - I hope all of your wishes came true! <3

  2. Your laptop looks amazing!
    Glad you're enjoying your presents! My birthday is in March, so Christmas will come up first, so my Christmas wish list, if that counts, includes a pair of knee-high boots, some stuff from Zoella Beauty, and the BOFA Extended Edition (NOVEMBER 17 PPL ONLY A FEW MORE DAYS MARK YOUR CALENDARS).

  3. Awesome gifts! I didn't know about Color Me Creative until you posted this, now it's one of the must have items on my wishlist!